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Latest News:
Fix: On next Update, Boss drops will strictly only go to players in that room Lord Buggy
9/17/2022 9:29:35 AM

With next update, the switch to Advanced guilds is only possible with both Spec Guild Ranks at 11. Lord Buggy
9/16/2022 9:53:01 AM

And we have three new chat functions: /who /info and /quest to start with Lord Buggy
9/15/2022 7:48:29 AM

This update brings changes to the Hell Pit and to Mount M: Find new loot in hell pit to cope with the area effects Lord Buggy
9/15/2022 7:47:02 AM

Switching Red beryl and Pyrite locs with those of Iolite and Legrandite Lord Buggy
9/11/2022 10:26:22 PM

added the remaining T33s and fixed some issues (0 fat) for other T33s Lag Monster
9/6/2022 10:08:59 AM

Added badges for Hell Pit and Mount M (Iguess we keep that zone name) Lag Monster
9/6/2022 9:21:02 AM

Slightly higher proficiency needed in mines (eg 0/2/4 for dwarven mines , 20 for the top mines, used to be 0/1/2/10) Lag Monster
9/6/2022 9:19:32 AM

Increased chance of 2 and more stat drops from elites: 2 for 2 stats, 4* for 3 stats and 4* for 4 stats Lag Monster
9/6/2022 9:17:51 AM

Trasfered Mining/Digging/Woodcutting Activities to AJAX. It might not work for you until you cleared the browser cache (manually) or wait a day Lord Buggy
9/4/2022 1:05:54 PM

Adding info aobut Proficiency to the examine function of Weapons and Spells Lord Buggy
9/4/2022 1:04:58 PM

The Lab has an Experimental feature now (when Consider-data is collected) Lord Buggy
9/2/2022 8:36:19 AM

spell fire barrier nerfed, 50% down Lag Monster
8/31/2022 7:41:50 PM

Three quests added for New Shilla's Mayor. Complete to gain access to new portals Lord Buggy
8/29/2022 9:05:38 PM

Added 2 more teleport destinations, and those badges Lord Buggy
8/29/2022 8:12:16 PM

Fixed the house storages by recoding them completely Lord Buggy
8/29/2022 8:11:38 PM

Diversified mine productivity depending on skill lvl and proficiency Lord Buggy
8/29/2022 8:11:16 PM

All Tier 8-12 Elites (from Bosses) were nerfed, but only for the enchantment Lord Buggy
8/29/2022 7:01:51 PM

Same for Tier 12 (affected BeccaTheWaterNymph) Lord Buggy
8/29/2022 6:49:20 PM

Same with Tier 10 weaps (affected: Bjornisk) Lord Buggy
8/29/2022 6:47:28 PM

Tier 8 Elite weapons from bosses Nerfed. Affected: Shelob, Phlair, Silenus Lord Buggy
8/29/2022 6:45:18 PM

All intermediate attack spells were adjusted to that there is a nice curve of increasing damage from lowest to highest (and mana usage too) Lord Buggy
8/29/2022 2:00:40 PM

The spell Mana Barrier was changed to require double Wisdom to train Lord Buggy
8/29/2022 1:58:18 PM

if the top players miss certain ooze stuff (crystals, fireworks) let me know and we can add in other places (possibly add other bosses, add to mines) Lord Buggy
8/23/2022 10:35:17 PM

We limit Boss Access now by WS instead of QPs. various stuff is also obtainable from CM and Mines. Lord Buggy
8/23/2022 10:34:26 PM