About the Shilla.Club Project

Everyone missed Shilla so much!

Having started the project in July 2019, we concentrated primarily on recreating the original version before extension ideas are followed. In January 2020, we proudly recreated all Zones, and about 95% of the original features. During that time, we noticed a few things that could be improved. For example the creature auto-attacking randomly would only lead to confusion among players. We also don't want new starters get frustrated because they attack the Town Guard (did'nt we all do that?)
We hope you like the way we went and enjoy playing!


  • Mobile View
  • Recurring Events (Bored Guard, Cookie Monster
  • Proficiency system
  • Mages Subclasses corresponding to the alignments of Fire, Water, Earth and Air, each having their specialized Guild and Weapon Type.

Special thanks to Dat Geek for supplying us with fresh game songs©!
Without these people all the development would have been impossible:
Thanks also to all the people who dropped in on discord, keeping the spirit of the project up.

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